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Welcome to Reed My Story..!!

We at Reed My Story, calling The Best, The Talented, The Curious, The Bravest, The Doors, and The Dreamers, have achieved some greatness and success in life and love to share their Story with people to motivate them and inspire them.

Let’s take a space of a Thinker, Dreamer, Doer, Achiever, and a Story Teller to make and share stories to which people can relate, take help and achieve some greatness in their life. Everyone has some idea but misses the direction, opportunity or position where to start their journey. These stories can shake them and encourage them to take the first step or find the direction or turn the stepping stone and move ahead.

 Join us and be one among us..!!

How Does Reed My Story Work?

Reed My Story is an open community-driven Vodcasting website dedicated to share Inspiring and Motivating Stories from wonderful creators around us. You can be a Creator or a Consumer on our platform. Join us or Contact us today!

Our Vision, Mission and Values:

The Vision:

Share Stories, Spread Knowledge and Awareness in easiest possible way, through Stories as Vodcast shared weekly by some creators, achievers, experts, and senior leaders to bring significant change and contribution towards benefit of society and inspire them to achieve greatness in life.

 The Mission:

 The goal of Reed My Story is to become the first choice for people by enabling and empowering them with the knowledge and skills required to improve their lives and become an inspiration to others. Because inspiring others to do great in life is a tremendous achievement and great satisfaction.

 The Values:

 Our Aim is to create valuable stories and knowledgeable content for our audience which can help them connect and relate with the story and teach them something new and valuable to turn their life on right and positive path.

Who We Are:

At Reed My Story, we believe stories are our existence and we grew up by listening, reading, viewing and living them. Our life is full of stories and some of them are small and some are big, but valuable to us. The stories we have, some of them are pleasant and some are like nightmares and heartbreak, but every story teaches us something or the other and helps us to become better.

We are focused and thrilled to handpick stories which are a great source of motivation and inspiration, which tells about the hardships and efforts by someone and took a chance to live life on their own terms, take a different path, do something unconventional and build something great.

Here we are going to present such extraordinary people who will share their life lessons and stories which can be a great source of motivation, inspiration, learning, and knowledge and more than that challenge you to take a step ahead and pick your right path and create your own such story to motivate and inspire others.

Our Story:

“Maiñ akelā hī chalā thā jānib-e-manzil magar, log saath aate gae aur kārvāñ bantā gayā” – Majrooh Sultanpuri”.

 Currently, he is having a small team of two people with him, who are helping him with IT (Website & SEO) and Content creation (Blogs and writeups). With the growth of channel and addition of new members, we would increase our team to be more focus and driven to bring new and valuable content great people who are our audience and member, who motivate us, inspire us and energize us to deliver our best.

We have just started our journey and we are looking forward to your support, help, guidance and motivation to keep us active and working. We are sure if we take small steps daily and contribute small daily, one day we can create a great impact and success. 

So Join us to Get Inspired today to Inspire tomorrow!!

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Meet The Founder and Host

Jitender Singh Dahiya

Jitender Singh Dahiya

Founder and Host

Jitender is a Doctoral Student, pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration, an Author, and a professional Banker with work experience of over 17 years in Banking and Sales. He has been handling Trade Services and Foreign Exchange business for the assigned Region or Territory.


Writing and Authoring and Published his first Book, “PEP HACK: Mastering The Art Of Selling”, in March 2021. He started working on this book in December 2019 and completed it in February 2021.

He started one fiction book (Novel) in the year 2017 but could not complete it due to some professional and personal reasons. Expecting to finish this book in the next year and also working on his second self-help book on self-improvement which is also expected to be released next year.

He is running a website since October 2019, with the name “www.bankreed.com”, and YouTube Channel “BankReed”. Both of these are dedicated to spreading awareness on Banking and Finance.

He is also creating Video Content on his YouTube Channel and Personal Website i.e. “Jitender Singh Dahiya” and “www.drjsd.com”, on Sales, Management, Leadership, Motivation, Inspiration and Relationships, and much more.


He is a highly experienced Banking Professional with 17 Years of Experience with multiple Banks in India, which includes Private Sector and Multinational Banks.

He has been Invited for Guest Lecture on Foreign Exchange & Evolution of Trade at Amity University Lucknow.

He worked as Program Manager, Regional Product Sales Manager, Territory Head in last previous roles and managed multiple teams with 5-10 members each. He worked closely with his team members and help, guided, and encouraged them for self-learning, development, better performance. He mentored and help 7 (2-3 from each) of his team members to elevate to a higher role.

He and his teams were always great performers and achieved all their planned budgets or targets well in time and achieved various awards and recognition.

He holds great Leadership skills, critical thinking, and Decision-Making Skills, Planning, Strategizing, and Execution skills, Communication, and Liasoning Skills, Team Building, Monitoring, and Performance Management Skills, Data Insights and, MIS Management Skills, Relationship Building, and Management Skills.

He believes in Innovation, and Creativity, and gives his team a completely free hand to work and develop new ideas, and ways to effectively execute their role and responsibilities.

He has done Product and Skill development training for Team members and Branch Staff. Have trained more than 1000 people with more than 400 hours of sessions.

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