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Jitender Singh Dahiya

Jitender Singh Dahiya

Founder and Host

Jitender is a Doctoral Student, pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration and having professional work experience of over 17 years in Banking and Sales. He has been handling Trade Services and Foreign Exchange business for the assigned territory.

He has been instrumental in business development and growth in assigned territory, branches, and resources. He possesses expertise in Trade Services, Foreign Exchange Products Offerings, Sales, Sales Training, Training & Development of Team, Team Management, Motivation & Mentoring, Customer Relationship Building, Coordination, Liaoning, and Relationship Management. For more details refer to our About Page.




How Can I help you?

Subscribe to Reed My Story Vodcast – The Video Podcast will also be available here and on VouTube.

We will share wonderful stories of wonderful people by themselves.

The aim of these stories is to inspire others and create a positive impact on youth and help them make the right decision and path.

Can I download these Vodcast?

Sorry, this feature is not available now.

Soon, we are launching our app, where you can download it under the app for offline playing.

Why Vodcast?

There are various platforms through which creators, artists, trainers, coaches, speakers, and other people are reaching or connecting with their audience and creating an impact in their life.

Out of all these mediums, I believe the most effective way of sharing stories could be video and podcasts. I thought of mixing them and using the benefit of both mediums.

Those who love watching videos can see these vodcast and feel connected with the host and guest and those who listen to podcasts while on the move or workout can use it as podcasts.

Would you conduct Debate or discussion forums as well?

Yes, Why Not!

Organizing Debate or Discussion forums can help us gain great insights and points of view of different people on some interesting or controversial topics.

How was the idea of Reed My Story born?

I have started my journey of reading and learning again in 2014-15, after a gap of 10 years, since I completed my PG in 2004.


I started reading books, watching YouTube videos, and listening to podcasts over the last 6 years. These 6 years were really fulfilling, positive, more productive, and inspirational, which helped me to get the right mindset and direction.

 Most of these featured videos, books, and online content I consumed were from the US, UK, and Europe. Then I thought of connecting, learning, and sharing the success stories of our own wonderful people with wonderful life journeys who have done something great in their life.

 Through this website, YouTube channel, and other modes, I would interview these great people and share with like-minded people who are avid learners and willing to get inspired. Maybe some of our community members may soon be our guests.

Can I suggest some Guest?

Yes, Of course!

If you know someone who could be a significant source of inspiration and share their contact details or make us connect with them.

We would love to invite them onboard.

How Can I be a Guest?

Definitely YES!

Share with us your success story under the Connect Host section.

We will hear your story and maybe soon you can be our Guest.

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